I have been thinking about doing a blog for a while now. I will start with an intro. My name is Ketan R Mody, MD, CAQSM. I am a family practice board certified physician who is also board certified in Sports Medicine. I take care of injuries that range from slight pain to #fractures and major #sprains, #tendonitis/tendinitis, neck and back #pain, #concussions, #arthritis, etc. Basically anything you would see an orthopedic surgeon for, I am able to see you for (at least for most things). Obviously some things require surgery, and those patients, I would refer out to the appropriate orthopedic surgeon. In our office we do a thorough exam and diagnosis to come up with the best treatment plan for you. We brace, inject, and we cast fractures as well. We do use a lot of physical therapy in helping treat the conditions we see and have a good network of PT’s that we use and trust.

On this blog, you will see an array of things. I will post about injuries and treatment. I will post about what to look for in your doctors and how to make sure you are getting good care. I will post about being a good patient. This last one, you shouldn’t take as me bitching about patients, but being a good patient will ensure you get good care (and no this doesn’t mean that you should just do as your physician says…). I may post about sports (yes i am an avid sports fan, and sometimes i go off on the sports topics!!).

I hope you find the blog useful and enjoy reading it.

ESMI opened its Westmont office in September of 2012 and is looking forward to moving forward providing great care to its #orthopedic and #sportsmedicine patients.  We will help patients and athletes continue to compete and do their activities.  We have #nonsurgical treatments for all types of #injuries.  As we move forward, I will post about different treatments to many disorders.  We will aim to show patients and athletes that we will provide them with the best care possible and treat you like you were our family members.

I am Dr. Ketan Mody and I wanted to introduce myself as someone who will take care of you and your family!