Dr. Mody gives lectures on a variety of topics such as overuse injuries, knees, shoulders, concussions and arthritis to athletes, physical therapists, athletic trainers, coaches, other physicians, and the community.

He has also stayed involved with students interested in pursuing a medical career by giving lectures at local high schools and colleges.  He also teaches at local medical schools and residency programs.  He is available to give lectures on all topics to your group, community, or sports teams at no charge.

Dr. Mody is an active member of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (
He is also a member of the American Academy of Family Practice (

Recent Lectures
Topic:  Common Running Injuries – Running Club (LaGrange, IL)
Topic: Tennis Injuries – Midtown Athletic Club (Willowbrook, IL)
Topic: Steroid Abuse & Consequences – Downers Grove South High School (Downers Grove, IL)
Topic: Treating C-Spine Injuries on the Field – Downers Grove Fire Department (Downers Grove, IL)
Topic: Shoulder & Knee Injuries, Physical Exam and Treatment – Athletico Physical Therapists & Athletic Trainers (LaGrange, IL)
Topic: Sideline Treatment of Football Injuries, Concussions & Heat Illness – Orthopedic Sports Performance Institute Athletic Trainers (Westmont, IL)
Topic: Knee Injury Differential – LaGrange Family Practice Residency Program (LaGrange, IL)

Upcoming Lectures