“The thorough exam and explanation made me feel very at ease. Dr. Mody was able to help me at the visit, and then I kept up on his recommended things to do and I have not needed further treatment or visits.  Thank you so much.” – M.L.

“Everything was great & I really appreciate Dr. Mody getting my son in ASAP!  Just wonderful!” – W.M

“Dr. Mody is very pleasant and explains everything well.” – Anonymous

“I have told all who will listen that Dr. Mody is an exceptional doctor. I trust his clinical skills and judgment and appreciate his time and attentiveness. I would recommend him 100% of the time to 100% of the people I know. I only wish I could find a primary care doc like Dr. Mody” – J.K.

“We have a lot of trust and confidence with Dr. Mody. Dr. Mody is courteous and friendly; I appreciate his casual, yet professional demeanor!” – K.O

“I received excellent medical care from Dr. Mody. He made excellent suggestions on exercises I could do at home and also the ones to continue after I had left orthopedic care.” – M.R

“We (my husband & I) were very pleased with Dr. Mody and the result of very bad back pain. It was made better in a short time. The physical therapist, Dr. Mody recommended had me feeling better in less than two weeks!” – F.J.

“Greatest doctor ever. He was very concerned with my issues and knew exactly what was wrong with my knee. Loved his humor. I felt like I had known him for a long time though meeting him for the first time!” – Ruth

“Dr. Mody was very friendly, and explained my injury to me very well. He came up with a competent treatment plan!” – Anonymous

“I had an emergency in which I fell and broke my wrist in the morning. Dr. Mody took me in the same morning. Thank you for the quick service and excellent guidance.” – Anonymous

“Dr. Mody is very easy to speak with, has a good attitude and wants to be sure his patients are getting the best care. He is willing to listen to issues and situations.” – Lauren

“I think Dr. Mody is great! I’ve told anyone that has an orthopedic problem to go to him. I work for doctors and I think your office is outstanding!” – K.S.