I have been thinking about doing a blog for a while now. I will start with an intro. My name is Ketan R Mody, MD, CAQSM. I am a family practice board certified physician who is also board certified in Sports Medicine. I take care of injuries that range from slight pain to #fractures and major #sprains, #tendonitis/tendinitis, neck and back #pain, #concussions, #arthritis, etc. Basically anything you would see an orthopedic surgeon for, I am able to see you for (at least for most things). Obviously some things require surgery, and those patients, I would refer out to the appropriate orthopedic surgeon. In our office we do a thorough exam and diagnosis to come up with the best treatment plan for you. We brace, inject, and we cast fractures as well. We do use a lot of physical therapy in helping treat the conditions we see and have a good network of PT’s that we use and trust.

On this blog, you will see an array of things. I will post about injuries and treatment. I will post about what to look for in your doctors and how to make sure you are getting good care. I will post about being a good patient. This last one, you shouldn’t take as me bitching about patients, but being a good patient will ensure you get good care (and no this doesn’t mean that you should just do as your physician says…). I may post about sports (yes i am an avid sports fan, and sometimes i go off on the sports topics!!).

I hope you find the blog useful and enjoy reading it.

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